Neighborhood food drive

NSS Inc. food pantry programs offer assistance with a neighborhood food drive in

New Haven, CT.

March 2020-present

In the Spring of 2021, NSS, Inc had a large quantity of food supplies from the regional food bank, now known as CTFoodShare, and became aware of a church in the nearby neighborhood of New Haven where citizens did not have easy access to food. Demographic data assessing risk factors in households in this particular area of Greater New Haven, establish that households have 4-5 health and economic risk factors. This translates into vulnerability to natural disasters and public health crises, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously this New Haven church-sponsored food drives through a GNHA community charitable agency, but these were discontinued because of lack of agency funds.

NSS, Inc set up a co-sponsorship to initiate another food drive effort with this partnering church in March, 2021.

Planning was done through two church ministries and now provides much of the needed food supplies for a monthly food distribution event at the New Haven church location.

NSS, Inc. is offering this assistance to meet the food insecurity of the individuals in the neighborhood surrounding the church until the church can obtain its own agency agreement with CTFoodShare. The opportunity for an independent agency operation was not available during the previous year under SARS-2 COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Every month NSS, Inc. obtains food from the CTFoodShare warehouse and transfers 1800 -2000 food supplies for this event; foods representing a nutritionally balanced selection of food supplies for neighbors near to the church when coming to the food drives.

In May, 2021 NSS, Inc. obtained the toolkit for S.W.A.P. (Supporting Wellness at Pantries) developed through the Institute for Hunger Research of CTFoodShare for indoor pantries. NSS, Inc. innovative programs tried this S.W.A.P approach for nutrition-based food selection with modifications for out-door food distributions, a different but effective use of the S.W.A.P. toolkit intended for indoor pantry settings.

This co-sponsoring program has served as an outreach to other senior
populations that come to the church’s food drives alone or with their families, thereby fulfilling one of its missions to serve the elderly in our area.

After the 2022 New Year, organizations such as this New Haven church will be able to obtain their own Agency Agreement with the regional food bank, CTFoodShare, now that the merger of the two independent Connecticut food banks has been completed. NSS, Inc. is very proud to mentor this church group’s mission for hungry people in their neighborhood.