NSS, Inc. Board of Directors

We are a devoted group that seeks to improve lives through food security.


Sandra K Kops, PhD

NSS, Inc. President
Science Director + Founder

Scott Howland

NSS, Inc. Treasurer
Community Volunteer

Susannah Frew

NSS, Inc. Secretary
Social Worker

Bill Heiden, PhD

Social Entrepreneur

Peggy Gallup, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Public Health

Anne Marie Karavas

Social Activist
Hamden Food Bank 0perations

Jean Q. Davis
Retired Social Worker

Sandra Kops, PhD, RDN, CD-N

I started NSS, Inc. Food Pantry Program in 2017 when I became a member of the Board of Directors of Davenport Residences and realized that many of the elderly/disabled senior residents did not have enough food to eat (food insecure and hungry). From starting with 28 seniors the program has expanded to provide food supplies to 150 residents (48% of 311 total resident population) reliably for going on five years, including during the time of the Sars-CoV2 pandemic.

I feel great satisfaction from using my vocational skills to develop the food pantry program into an empowering, client-choice, and nutritionally relevant service to these individuals living with challenging poverty conditions. Please tune in to my President’s Address to understand my passion for the sustainability for NSS, Inc. programs.

Scott Howland

My involvement with NSS is based on my passion to serve others. For most of my adult life, I have been involved in one or more volunteer efforts, these have ranged from town commissions, neighborhood civic organizations, community emergency response team and helping a blind Veteran with his monthly finances. 

What attracted me to NSS is my awareness of a growing population in our town with food insecurities. NSS provides healthy choices for these residents. Nothing is more rewarding than to see the smile on someone’s face when we deliver much-needed food.

Proud to be part of this wonderful organization.” 

Susannah Frew

As a full-time social worker, I believe that it’s necessary to support those in need. I have always been interested in supporting our communities on a grassroots, local level. When the pandemic hit, I wanted to fulfill a need that was very much needed in the neighborhood.

With a specific focus on nutrition, it is crucial to provide individuals with the food that fits their lifestyles and dietary needs. 

AnneMarie Karavas

I have been involved with the Town of Hamden food bank for five years.  I have seen the numbers of clients triple in the last two years and find it very important to educate ourselves and our clients on eating healthy and making smart choices while selecting food for their families. These are the reasons for my joining the Board of Directors of NSS, Inc. because of its strong educational approach to healthy eating for food-insecure people in our community.